British Toggenburgs were introduced into the Dresden Herd in 1982.
A kid was the first purchase, later to become RM181 Woodhatch Willow *6 BT11582D Sire: †Woodhatch Warlord BT11582H Dam: RM149 Silverhoof Shara Q*5 BT9479H (later bought in; RM149 & Q*5 awarded while in the Desden Herd) - a direct female descendant of R36 Chessetts Cascade * Br Ch
Two of the early home bred goats that were most important in the establishment of the BT section of the Dresden Herd- Dulcie and Duckweed are shown below.

RM161 Dresden Dulcie Q*7 BT1476D,1 CC, 4 BCC's
First female BT born into the Dresden Herd.
Sire: SM §151/26†Ashdene Carlos Br Ch BT13947D
Dam: RM181 Woodhatch Willow *6 BT11582D
Dulcie was the dam of
RM206 Dresden Duckweed Q*8 Br Ch (right)


RM206 Dresden Duckweed Q*8 Br Ch BT17354D 2 CC's, 4 IPCC's, 14 BCC's.
Second highest recorded BT milker in 1989
Sire: §176/151†Hetherton Reed BT15859D
Dam: RM161 Dresden Dulcie Q*7 BT14746D
Daughters: RM180 Dresden Duchess *9 BT19076D, RM225 Dresden Duchesnay Q*9 Br Ch BT20766D, RM181 Dresden Duana *9 BT22363D, Dresden Ducat *9 BT22364P


Herd Milk Recorded since 1981
Whole herd CAE tested since 1985
Widely exhibited until 1989; since then on average, three shows attended annually.
Many goats in this herd have featured in the annual top ten milk recorded BT's
12 generations of RM/AR milkers & 12 generations of */Q* milkers
Herd fed simply – grazing, hay, silage and dairy nuts.
BT's exported to Kenya & Tanzania
Males from this herd have produced two Champions and five Breed Champions in other herds, including the highest recorded BT in 2003 & the second highest in 2001
Male & female kids can be booked (enquiries from commercial herds welcome)
Young stock and milk recorded milkers sometimes for sale
Top quality BT males at stud

RM184 Dresden Duvernay Q*11 Br Ch BT24008P
2 CC's 1 IPCC 7 BCC's
Sire: SM†Aphrodite Shaun BT19243D
Dam: AR171 Dresden Duverna *10 BT22545P

Daughters: RM158 Dresden Duvera BT25600P,
RM154 Dresden Duvesta *12 BT26203D
Sons: §184/193† Dresden Duvernon BT25601P §§184/172† Dresden Duvermont BT26749D
§184/225† Dresden Dudoronron BT23078D


RM225 Dresden Duchesnay Q*9 Br Ch BT20766D 6CC's,7BCC's Highest recorded BT of 1997.
Sire: SM†Aphrodite Shaun BT19243D
Dam: RM206Dresden Duckweed Q*8 Br Ch BT17354D

Daughters: RM193 Dresden Duchenar Q*10 BT23115D & R128 Dresden Duchenie Q*10 (twins),
RM175 Dresden Duchenile Q*10 BT23711D
AR171 Dresden Duchesme BT24010D
Sons: SM † Dresden Dumaurier BT22365P,
SM §225/167† Dresden Duchamp BT23712D


AR218 Dresden Duchanel *11 BT23987P
Sire: SM † Dresden Dumaurier BT22365P
Dam: RM193 Dresden Duchenar Q*10 BT23115D
Second highest recorded BT in 1999

Son: † Dresden Duconran Br Ch BT25973D


RM158 Dresden Duvera BT25600P
Sire: † Dresden Dunlop BT24993D
Dam: RM184 Dresden Duvernay Q*11 Br Ch BT24008P

Daughter: RM178 Dresden Duveta * BT26166D
Goats in the lists of the Top Ten BT Annual Milk Recorded Milkers
1989 RM206 Dresden Duckweed Q*8 Br Ch

1993 RM176 Dresden Duchesnay Q*9 Br Ch

1997 RM226 Dresden Duchesnay Q*9 Br Ch with her daughter RM193 Dresden Duchenar Q*10 & her half sister RM181 Dresden Duana *9 (ex Duckweed)
1998 RM180 Dresden Duchess *9 (ex Duckweed) and RM175 Dresden Duchenile Q*10 (ex Duchesnay)
1999 AR218 Dresden Duchanel *11 & RM184 Dresden Duvernay Q*11 Br Ch


Some progeny of Dresden males

Dresden Duvalour - CH Guilden Bluemoon Q*3 Br Ch
†Dresden Dunlop - CH AR230 Tetherdown Camilla Q*6 Br Ch highest recorded BT in 2003, RM158 Dresden Duvera
SM †Dresden Dumaurier – AR170 Airways Alyce Q*4 Br Ch (first Breed Champion in the Airways Herd) Cynfelin Colleen Q*4 Br Ch (needed 1 IPCC for Full CH ) AR218 Dresden Duchanel *11
† Dresden Duchy – AR182 Cheswell Octakushi *2 Br Ch 7 CC's, 2 IPCC's, 16 BCC's
SM §225/168† Dresden Duchamp – SM §§225/225†Theban Conqueror & SM §§225/200†Crayshill Cinnabar - both oustanding males.


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British Alpine Goats are also bred and exhibited in this herd.